IL Veteran’s Home Move

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On Wednesday, April 24, Golden Bridges, Inc. will complete their work with the administration and staff of the Illinois Veterans Home to finalize the transition of residents to the new Lester Hammond Hall living facility. Prior to the relocation of residents, Golden Bridges staff have provided pre-move family communication ensuring that individual residents’ needs are met and family members are informed and involved. Six years experience in relocating clients, plus specialized training in serving seniors with disabilities and/or dementia enable them to anticipate and answer the specific needs of IVH residents.During the move, Golden Bridges staff will work alongside Veterans Home staff and directly with residents and their families to reduce transfer trauma. By setting up the new rooms as similarly as possible to their former rooms, it will be easier for residents to feel comfortable in their new surroundings.Transition to full occupancy of Lester Hammond Hall began in February, and concludes this week with the largest one-day move of 30 residents.Golden Bridges will use eleven staff members to sort, pack, and unpack veterans’ belongings. Items will be transported by IVH staff and volunteers of the local American Legion. Following the move, Golden Bridges will follow up with residents and families to ensure that their needs were met throughout the process.Golden Bridges is a Senior Move Management company that provides solutions for those in transition. Inaugural winners of the QACC Business Plan competition, they have served over 200 clients during six years in business. They have a total of fourteen staff members and a second location in Springfield, IL allowing them to serve an area that includes Northeast Missouri, Southeast Iowa and Central Illinois.To receive a free in-home consultation for your moving, downsizing or organizing needs, call them at 888-922-6368, email info@goldenbridges4you.com, and check them out on Facebook.NOTE:For additional information regarding this press release, call Susan Scholz at...

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What Matters Most in Property

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“What business advice would you give to other rural entrepreneurs trying to start a new business or expand on existing business?” In property, there are three things that matter most: location, location, location. This is paraphrasing a British real estate tycoon’s advice for success in real estate.  As rural entrepreneurs, we can relate to that advice.  Because we cannot (and frankly don’t want to) change our location, we have learned that what matters most is: visibility, visibility, visibility. Being in the relatively new industry of Senior Move Management, we knew that in order to obtain business, our potential customers first needed to know what we do, and how we could help them.  That is why we entered our local Chamber’s Business Plan Competition.  It was the perfect opportunity to introduce this concept to our rural market and gain VISIBILITY within the business community.  It not only yielded us start-up capital, but tremendous exposure in local media for our business and the introduction of Senior Move Management as an industry. Beyond our local market, we knew that Rural America could benefit from the service we provide to those who are facing the difficult task of leaving their farm – their roots – and moving (literally) into a new phase of their lives.  The Farm Bureau’s Rural Entrepreneurship Initiative Challenge gave us the opportunity to provide VISIBILITY in the rural market for what had been primarily an urban-based service.  And, as a finalist in the REI Challenge, we again received media coverage for ourselves and the Senior Move Management industry. As a result of being a top four finalist in the challenge, our prize money has now afforded us another level of  VISIBILITY in the area we serve.  By purchasing a company vehicle – and wrapping it with our logo – we have now achieved a higher level of recognition in our local market.  While working with a client in a senior living community, our logo is visible and present.  Our referral sources in those facilities, in estate planning and trust departments, and in healthcare settings are reminded whenever they see the van that we are here to serve their residents, clients, and...

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Are you the Star in the Middle

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When passion, mission, vocation, and profession meet in the middle – you get the star.  For those of us at Golden Bridges we are living in the Star. To view this article click here: http://nasmm.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/one-friday-morning-08-01-14/

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