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“I don’t use mine for shoes, I use it for organizing my toiletries. I hang mine on the back of my bathroom door. It doesn’t clutter my cabinets but since it’s clear I can see what I have but it’s also out of the way,” Waters said.

“Containers are important.Organizing into containers allows you to keep like things in like places, and you can see what you have. They don’t have to be expensive, you can get some at your local stores,” said Scholz.

“What I use is those Cool Whip containers, they fit in my drawer. I also use a silverware organizer and that really helped. If you have a junk drawer, organize it! It makes you feel really good, at least it did me,” Ellerbrock added.

How do you retain a house full of artwork and family photos? You create feature walls in the new space that include the most important pieces, as we did for our client Stuart. Downsizing from two apartments – his and his mother’s – he wanted to maintain these special memories. With careful arrangement, we fit them all into the new space.

Before Photos


After Photos