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What a blessing these ladies are too their clients! Super friendly, helpful and really understanding of what needs to happen. They were prompt and professional art every encounter from initial phone calls to loading things up. They accommodated my busy schedule and they were so kind with my mother-in-law. Nancy was fully prepared with boxes, tape gun and a smile.
Debbie and Suzanne are the perfect combination of compassion and efficiency! My brothers and I do not live in the same city as our dad. Golden Bridges made moving our dad so easy! There is NO WAY that we could have moved our dad out of the house that he had lived in for 48 years without Golden Bridges! They take care of every detail and top it off with respectful, emotional support. Suzanne has earned a spot in our hearts forever!
Sharon Dobbs
I loved it when I said using the consult that there were things I needed to do, and immediately Suzanne piped up and said that “we’ll handle this, that, etc”. Taking command and providing leadership is terrific. Stepping up and taking on responsibilities has untold value. As professional as they come.
Kent Adams
Family Member
“I felt they were always trustworthy and careful with my possessions”- Barb