April is Golden Bridges’ anniversary month. Nine years ago (yes, April 1st of 2013) we held an official ribbon cutting ceremony after winning the Quincy Area Chamber of Commerce’s Inaugural Business Plan Competition. That $10,000 grant award allowed us to attend training with the National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers; secure professional branding and logo; complete business registrations in Illinois and Missouri; and obtain the legal and accounting advice needed to start and succeed in our small business enterprise. We became entrepreneurs. We still had “day jobs” at first and spent a lot of time together evenings and weekends planning and preparing, laughing and launching. 

What began as three good friends volunteering together as hosts at the Quincy Hospitality House and brainstorming about how we could make a difference in our community became Golden Bridges, Inc., which has now served over 300 individuals and families in the tri-state area. 

Senior and Specialty Move Management existed throughout the United States, with around 100 solopreneur establishments and 4-5 franchise opportunities. At that time, it had already been around for 15 years (mostly on the east coast and in highly concentrated retiree populations, ie. Florida and Arizona) and was continuing to expand into the western US and into Canada. Today, SMMs exist in all 50 states plus Canada, Australia, and the UK.

When we began, we were targeting seniors. After all, they were (and are) the fastest growing demographic in the country. We saw an opportunity to begin a new business and bring a new service to our community. 

“According to The Pew Research Center, “The leading edge of the Baby Boomer generation reached age 62 (the age at which workers can claim Social Security) in 2008. Between 2008 and 2019, the retired population ages 55 and older grew by about 1 million retirees per year. In the past two years, the ranks of retirees 55 and older have grown by 3.5 million.” CLICK HERE to read more

Many of these “retired early because of the Covid-19 crisis, new research found. That equals to more than half of the workers still missing in the labor force from pre-pandemic levels.” Many of those recently retired are finding time to downsize and declutter, whether they are ready to move or not. And Golden Bridges is here to help. 

In the past nine years, we have helped families and individuals of all ages, worked with the Illinois Veterans Home, and provided jobs for over twenty employees. One question we often get is about our “typical” job, but there really is no such thing! And that is something that keeps us excited about serving our next client,  hiring our next new employee, or planning our next adventure. We have had fun with song parodies at Christmas, portraying Super Heros in the Dogwood Parade and golfing in the annual Ladies of the Chamber Golf Outing. We have conducted food drives for local food pantries. We have learned and laughed and loved being able to experience this together. Still three good friends,  still brainstorming about how we could make a difference in our community!

Thank you to our staff, our clients, and our community for nine great years of Golden opportunities. It’s your move… Golden Bridges can help!